The arrogance of West Vincent Township Supervisor Kenneth Miller is best demonstrated with his declaration to the Daily Local news:

“We did what we did for the right reasons”, said Chairman Kenneth I. Miller, Jr. “I think 20 or 30 years from now, the fact that we didn't do it will be seen as maybe not a good thing.”   Kenneth Miller Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, West Vincent Township      Pottstown Mercury, December 16, 2011


Ken Miller believes that taking private property against the will of the owner is the right thing to do. Purchase through legal coercion. Here's a novel idea, buy property from a willing seller like everybody else does. 

Always remember that Chairman of the West Vincent Board of Supervisor Ken Miller subscribes to a great quote from Willie Brown which states, "In politics, a lie unanswered becomes truth within 24 hours". Question anything and everything that Ken Miller says. Here is an one example:


From Ken Miller's Re-Election Website

"The township board thought this was a win-win for both parties, but the Horse Show Association, and ultimately most township residents, did not agree. After it became apparent to the board that it had failed to communicate its intentions to the community and the Horse Show, and that the false allegations and misunderstandings that abounded about the action could not be overcome,  the board voted to rescind the eminent domain action."


Ken is correct in this statement BUT the quote invokes an impression of a simple and clumsy mistake while trying to help everybody involved. The Board did fail to communicate its intentions to the community and the Horse Show. They lied and did not communicate their TRUE INTENTIONS which was to install playing fields and substantially reduce the horse area. As Ken visited the horse farms in the area, he told them it was to stay completely equestrian. He was caught in his lies. The false allegations and misunderstanding were created by the West Vincent Township Board of Supervisors, led by Ken Miller. Ken Miller will always claim what he states if fact but he can never substantiate what he claims are "Facts", because they are neither facts nor true.


Ken Miller seems to think that since he gave the Horse Show property back he should be forgiven. If that is the case, if Ken Miller robbed a bank, he thinks that if the money is given back the robbery never happened.


West Vincent Resident Mike Schneider points out that there is plenty of land on the East side of Rt 100, showing the ridiculous concept of people having to cross the highway. Supervisor Clare Quinn says "It's only a one lane highway". Apparently she has never tried to cross it.


Listen to what he says at the end of the video. 

"Taking private property without consent, that's stealing". Mike Schneider


In 2011, immediately after the certification that Clare Quinn had officially won her bid for Re-election, the West Vincent Supervisors voted by resolution to take the 70 year old Ludwig's Corner Horse Show property. 


Chairman of the Board of Supervisors strategically engineered this taking of private property under the laws of Eminent Domain. This cost the township residents thousands of dollars and the Horse Show even more. The Supervisors clearly do not care about the people, history and tradition the Horse Show encompasses. Eminent Domain is abused far too often and in many cases does not have a happy ending.


This is a simple overview with documentation.



It is important to understand how the Chester County Pennsylvania township of West Vincent​ conducted itself in order to take property away from citizens. 


There are several videos that were made including the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED two hour discussion held at the township meeting on December 12, 2011. Watch the videos, be amazed, be astounded, become educated.


Many articles were written about the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show property seizure. This page uses several different sources and they are in chronological order.


The articles reflect the arrogance of the West Vincent Township Supervisors: Clare Quinn. Zoe Perkins and led by Ken Miller.


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